Apologetics to the Glory of God

Some thoughts

Being an apologist is not a path to popularity and popularity does not make an apologist.

The most intelligent and knowledgeable unbelievers are no less and no more fallibly human than you are.

We should not be neutral and never can be, but we pretend that this is not so.

More than the minimal facts are needed for the metanarrative and motivation necessary to make sense of their use in the first place.

How to inductively prove that 1 Kings 12.29 is the Word of God?

No worldview goes without logic, science, or morality but logic, science, and morality only go with one worldview.

The reason it sometimes seems as though very little in covenantal apologetics is ever explicitly spiritual in nature is because of our sinful tendency to think that there are things that are not related to the Lord Jesus Christ.


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