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  • Jamin Hubner Reviews “Biblical Apologetics” By Clifford McManis


  • John MacArthur is a Fool

    The title of this video mentions homosexuality, but I would encourage you to focus in on what the commentator at the beginning and end of the series of clips has to say. John MacArthur constantly turns the conversation back to the Gospel and authority of Scripture over against the uninformed opinions of the men with which he is in disagreement. Successful media appearances are certainly not as easy as they may look since they rest upon the ability to make succinct yet powerful arguments and responses in sound bite form.



    Note the simplicity and authority with which MacArthur …

  • Popularity of Presuppositionalism Continues to Grow

    …and it’s virtually impossible to keep up with all of the new material coming out! It’s a good problem to have. Also, it did not used to be this way.

    I recommend sites like this one – http://veritasdomain.wordpress.com – to keep track of what is going on.

    There are many other sites to watch as well, however I have too difficult a time following them all to list them here right now!…

  • Presuppositionalism on Backpack Radio

    Lindsay Brooks of Apologetics.com was on Backpack Radio giving a basic introduction to presuppositional apologetics and ending with an argument from beauty.

    Make sure to check out the other shows these guys have done as well. Great stuff!…

  • A Biblical Foundation

    Thomists are always trying to add rooms onto houses with bad foundations. Some foundations are cracked. Others are too small.

    As an example, think of the popular idea that people should only hold beliefs that are based upon empirical evidence. (Empirical evidence is evidence we access through the five senses.) This is a foundational idea for many unbelievers. Yet this idea is not itself based upon empirical evidence. So the idea – which we might also call a belief – is inconsistent with itself. The foundation is cracked.

    Moreover, there are many aspects of science and common sense that likewise …

  • It’s Circular Because It’s Consistent

    I just wrote a piece arguing that presuppositionalism is not circular. For the sake of clarity, I will now argue that it is.

    “Virtuous Circularity”

    There is, of course, a sense in which presuppositionalism is circular. But upon hearing the term “circular” most opponents of the Christian faith, and even many of those who are counted among its friends, immediately start off into lengthy diatribes describing their disgust with Christians and methodologies that rely upon logically fallacious argumentation.

    The Logic of Logic

    Now the charge of logically fallacious argumentation, it seems to me, rests in some way upon logic. …

  • “Does the Triune God of Scripture Exist?” (Chris Bolt vs. Matt Oxley) Debate Audio (MP3 Format) Now Available!

    Download it here or click below to stream!


  • The Benchwarmer Apologist

    When I was young I played basketball. I was not very good. But my team always was. We were undefeated every year I played, until my teammates finally left the league to play for the high school team. About halfway through one of our seasons we were scheduled to play another really good team. We were undefeated. So were they. Their star player was the son of a well-known college basketball coach. You would probably recognize his name, but it is not important.

    My coach that year, perhaps thinking I had finally perfected the art of warming the bench, thought …

  • Materialist Merry-Go-Round

    Celsus: Why do you need to “account” for logic to be able to use it?

    Chris: Nobody is saying you have to account for it to be able to use it. Who said that? Atheists practice that which they cannot account for in principle.

    Celsus: They haven’t? I don’t think logic is any mystery to explain. It is based on the law of identity which is one of its axioms.

    Chris: What is the nature of the law of identity? Is it material? Is it particular? Is it true? How do we come to know it? Is it relative to …

  • Chasing the System

    Imagine your confession of faith, or your church’s doctrinal statement. Imagine what would happen if you started to play mix and match with the statements contained in it. This is a site dedicated to presuppositional apologetics, obviously, which almost inevitably means that we have to, at some point, personally examine our stance on things like Reconstructionism/Theonomy, along with confessionalism, the paedo/credo divide, eschatology, and other issues along those lines. Here’s what I want to point out, and want to stand out. Be wary of sudden swings, and be mindful of your theological stability (or lack thereof). This is a “mixed” …