Mouw and Mormonism

The headline says it all, “My Take: This evangelical says Mormonism isn’t a cult.” Richard Mouw, President of Fuller Theological Seminary, continues his campaign to help Mormonism “mainstream” and, in the process, to throw every one of those who have worked so diligently to bring the gospel to the Mormon people under the bus. Mouw’s confusion on Mormonism, rooted not only in his personal theological liberalism, but in his friendships with leading LDS personalities (on the more liberal or left side of the spectrum of Mormonism, to be sure), was put on display years ago when he “apologized” to

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Dr. Oliphint And The Clark/Van Til Controversy. But Wait, There's More!

Reformed Forum had Dr. Oliphint on to speak on the Clark/Van Til controversy which I found helpful as an introduction to the issues at hand. This seems like a good discussion to start out your perusal of this controversy if you are so inclined. However the more interesting part of this discussion for me were the following locations:

  • Minute 37 God and Logic – What is the relation? What about paradox?
  • Minute 43 Transcendental Arguments and the Impossibility of the Contrary (as a methodological approach) used in non-Christian Theism.

In the time after minute 43 the answer Dr. Oliphint gives …

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The Phantom Menace

One of the complaints against the use of the Transcendental Argument for God involves a denial of the claim that there are fundamentally only two worldviews. The Christian claim is that all non-Christian worldviews have at root the principle of autonomy. Autonomy is not only rebellion towards the Christian God but an active suppression of the personal knowledge of Him and a turning away to worship the creature instead of the Creator. It is a rejection of the authority of the Creator over all of reality. Van Til illustrated this using Eve and her reasoning at the time of the …

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Apologetic Mirror Objection

David Byron recently commented on this post which concerns TAG and Islam. Rather than letting a rather lengthy comment linger on an old post I have decided to post it here in full. Part of being a good apologist is being aware of common objections to one’s methodology and arguments. This leads to further study and a stronger apologetic. It also equips the apologist to be able to at the very least recognize a particular objection in the context of an apologetic encounter. Byron writes out a helpful description of what has elsewhere been labeled the Apologetic Mirror Problem (AMP). …

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Is Fristianity Actual? (Updated with response from David Byron)

UPDATE: David Byron has offered clarification in a comment, but I did not want to risk people missing it. Please see his response now included at the bottom of the body of the post.


One of the greatest worries with the Fristianity objection is that it is often defined in conflicting ways. For example Sean Choi writes, “Of course, Fristianity is not an actual worldview or religion, as is, for example, Islam. But no one – certainly not I – is claiming this.” Yet in a footnote Choi cites David Byron of the Van Til List as popularizing Fristianity. …

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Dr. James R. White Begins Work On "What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Qur'an"

Dr. James R. White has “officially” announced that he will be working on two books in 2011. He writes, “What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Qur’an will be my contribution to the effort to educate, motivate, and edify the Body of Christ in the area of Islamic evangelism and apologetics.” Keeping in mind the current popularity of Islam it is my opinion that these books will be some of the most significant contributions to Christian apologetics of this century. Dr. White uses his apologetic both on the street and in public debate with the result that …

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Responses to the assertions of Yasser Ali

In the debate transcript, I have inserted my opponent’s answers, as I said I would. This post is intended to answer his assertions made therein, and to address the various problems I found with them. As of this posting, he has yet to offer his final questions, so I’m going to go ahead and offer comments on the debate in it’s entirety, and consider the debate closed. My questions will be italicized bold, his answers in italics, both will be in quote, and my responses in plain text. I will be offering more comments in the future, and …

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Is the Qur'an the Word of God – Update

For those who may not have checked the transcript post I have been adding in additional information garnered from email exchanges – especially, additional questions and answers from the shortened debate. Keep checking back as more information is added, and I’ll attempt to keep you updated.…

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