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Dr. Oliphint And The Clark/Van Til Controversy. But Wait, There's More!

Reformed Forum had Dr. Oliphint on to speak on the Clark/Van Til controversy which I found helpful as an introduction to the issues at hand. This seems like a good discussion to start out your perusal of this controversy if you are so inclined. However the more interesting part of this discussion for me were the following locations:

  • Minute 37 God and Logic – What is the relation? What about paradox?
  • Minute 43 Transcendental Arguments and the Impossibility of the Contrary (as a methodological approach) used in non-Christian Theism.

In the time after minute 43 the answer Dr. Oliphint gives to “Why can’t Islam use this?” is quite interesting regarding some objections I have been reading lately. Especially his qualification after making Camden Bucey squeamish.

Check out the video or audio here: http://reformedforum.org/ctc163/


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