Dr.Oliphint on Covenant, its apologetic application, and the To-ing and Fro-ing methodology

“But the “federal,” “covenantal” representation in Scripture does not move from the bottom up, as in a democracy. Rather, it is initiated “at the top,” as it were, by the Triune God himself, and there is no democratic, or other, means to change that relationship. Nor is there a need to, since the God who initiated the process could not have made a mistake. As a matter of fact, the “federal” process is reversed in God’s economy. Mankind is defined by one of two representatives — Adam or Christ — neither of whom are “elected” or chosen by us; rather, …

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Rebranding Apologetics

With the name change, there will be particular hang ups with some who use the methodology to defend the faith. A good example is Fred Butler, a respectable guy who graduated from TMS and  advocates presuppositional apologetics. He says :


It is unnecessary because I believe the word “presuppositionalism” is an appropriate descriptor for the methodology. When we engage unbelievers, we are engaging the presuppositions of their worldview — the foundational building blocks of those “strongholds” they have built against the knowledge of God (2 Cor. 10:4-5).  And moreover, we stand our ground on the presuppositions that we are

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Behold, “Presuppositional” is passing way, apologetics is becoming “Covenantal”

Dr. Oliphint explains why he finds the label “Presuppositional” to be unhelpful, and why he is instead labeling Van Til’s methodology “Covenantal apologetics”.

Covenantal Apologetics from Westminster Theological Seminary on Vimeo.

The book is due for next month! For anyone interested in learning Van Til’s apologetic, one should certainly check the work that Oliphint has undertaken to biblically demonstrate  Van Til’s particular Reformed apologetic application.…

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Doppelganger theism

Ben Askins commented on a podcast done by RazorsKiss about Fristianity styled counters. I’m going to post my own responses here, and work out some of the ways we think about these kinds of objections.

“The Fristianity objection is calculated to consider the assertion of the Trinity as the resolution of the “one-and-many problem,” in consideration of the strong modal claim in Greg Bahnsen’s formulation of a transcendental argument (i.e. “God is the *necessary* precondition for X” where X is some moral, metaphysical or epistemic given.).

So step [1] with respect to Fristianity would require presenting reasons why a trinitarian …

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The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

I was pointed to a statement made by Matt Oxley (aka Raging Rev..) and it seems that he’s caught on to our Christian secrets…



“I suspect, and I might be wrong, that History‘s The Bible mini-series might be one of the best things for atheism to happen in a long time. As the Bible is actively read by some 16% of Christians this is giving millions an opportunity to see parts of the cannon that are morally objectionable attributed to their god.



After all of these years of successfully hiding those parts of the bible …

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Point of Contact 5

Matthias, Joshua and Justin discuss the intrinsic ties between synergism and evidentialism, and the theological foundation of Covenantal apologetics in this edition of Point of Contact.

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Point of Contact – Relaunched!

Matthias McMahon, Justin McCurry and I discuss the comments of a Sean Holloway in the Association of Evangelical Apologists facebook group.

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I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

So goes the song by the english rock band “The Rolling Stones”. It is the ballad that speaks to the heart of of all of humanity. It is the driving force behind the human race, who lost communion with the One, in whom all blessings flow. While there are certain views that would label the desire for satisfaction a selfish endeavor  in a quick response to hedonistic materialism (yes, even professing Christians).  This response  doesn’t speak to the heart of the matter. It doesn’t  leave room for God’s revelation about who man is, or the purpose he has upon the …

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“Does the Triune God of Scripture Exist?” Chris Bolt of ChoosingHats.com to Debate Matt Oxley of RagingRev.com LIVE!!!

Chris Bolt of ChoosingHats.com is scheduled to debate Matt Oxley of RagingRev.com on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 10am EST. The debate resolution takes the form of a question, “Does the Triune God of Scripture Exist?” Chris Bolt will be answering in the Affirmative, and Matt Oxley will be taking the Negative. Ben Woodring of Choosing Hats will be moderating.

The debate will be live streamed on Youtube (video format). Stay tuned for more information on the live stream. The debate will also be recorded and posted on the Choosing Hats and Raging Rev sites. Feel free to join us …

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