Apologetics to the Glory of God

Attacking Apologetics Blogs?

Just a short note from us, due solely to this comment:

The fellow then attacks Apologetics “Discernment Blogs” for a while…

Since the opener to the post says:

A blog we haven’t heard of from a person we haven’t heard of (Chris Bolt), was tweeted to Pulpit & Pen by…

I figured it might be helpful to introduce the author to the following pertinent facts.

Chris is an SBC pastor.  He is one of the founding (and Emeritus) members of Choosing Hats. He has well over 500 posts on this site; our most prolific contributor. You can also see his debates, his contributions to the In Antithesis Journal, and his contribution to The Portable Presuppositionalist.  He has appeared on Reformed Forum, as well as Backpack Radio.  He has been a member of Dr. White’s #prosapologian since 2006.

He is anything but anti-apologetics blogs.  He, like the rest of the contributors here, distinguish the Biblical exercise of apologetics from so-called “discernment” blogging. I find it odd, given that half, or more, of the P&P staff are regulars or former regulars of #prosapologian, yet the author states that “we” (the P&P staff, presumably) do not know Chris.  Hopefully this will rectify that situation.