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You Asked: Your Questions. God’s Answers. by Dr. Edgar

Dr. William Edgar of Westminster Theological Seminary has published a new book geared towards teens to answer a lot of common questions they have. I have not read this book yet but I am willing to go out on a limb and say that this book will likely be helpful for parents in answering these questions right along with their teens. Dr. Edgar is the Professor of Apologetics at WTS and edited and footnoted some of Dr. Van Til’s works for their latest editions. Having read those I am confident that this is a book worth looking into.

Check it out:  http://www.wtsbooks.com/you-asked-pb-edgar-bill-9781781911433

Thanks to chat channel regular Pat for linking this in channel.


4 responses to “You Asked: Your Questions. God’s Answers. by Dr. Edgar”

  1. SLIMJIM Avatar

    I think there’s a typo with the link…if you remove the plus sign in the end it works.

    1. defectivebit Avatar

      Thanks, and fixed.

  2. Antiochus Avatar

    Hey speaking of anwsers, i am curious why is it that calvinist christians like using presupptionalist arguments so much? why dont other types use these arguments every much? are they being inconsistant when they use presupptionalist arguements?

    1. defectivebit Avatar

      Calvinist and particularly those of the Reformed persuasion like Van Til[ian] apologetics because it is consistent with the overall framework of how they understand the Bible. I like to say it a little differently: the Van Til[ian] apologetic method flows directly from Scripture itself and what it teaches about God’s relationship with man from creation to consummation. It just so happens that it is the more Reformed understanding where this is found. As we like to say around here

      Theology drives methodology

      As to Arminians and the like using the Van Til[ian] method it is very hard for them to use it consistently because it just does not work within their understanding of what the Bible teaches. Van Til himself employed the methodology in his books against both Roman Catholicism and Arminianism.

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