Apologetics to the Glory of God

Anything But God

Well, just take a look: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/whoa-physicists-testing-see-universe-computer-simulation-224525825.html 

Notable quotations:

“‘This is the first testable signature of such an idea,’ Savage said. ‘If you make the simulations big enough, something like our universe should emerge.’”

“[I]f energy signatures in our simulations match those in the universe at large, there’s a good chance we, too, exist within a simulation.”

“Interestingly, one of Savage’s students takes the hypothesis further: If we stumble upon the nature of our existence, would we then look for ways to communicate with the civilization who created us?”

To be sure, this article was listed under a section entitled “Odd News,” and so at least for now we’re pretending it’s silly. Perhaps soon we’ll see it cross the road onto the section entitled, “Science,” and join issues being taken more seriously like Global Warming and the gay gene. If only today were the 1st of April.





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