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Atheism and Intelligence: an Inverse Relation?

Suddenly, I buy into the science that says the number of atheists is increasing:


What makes me chuckle (already) is the level of scrutiny to which this link will undoubtedly be subjected, and by the very same people who show the smallest interest in properly interpreting any text of the Bible. Of course, I’m the one reading the article wrong. But that’s what they all say, right?






3 responses to “Atheism and Intelligence: an Inverse Relation?”

  1. Jacob Grady Avatar
    Jacob Grady

    The reason why humans, as a society, are becoming dumber is because of religious bigots like you who are willing to believe what some prehistoric culture, who didn’t know anything outside of their hut, wrote about a magical being a child wouldn’t believe in. Ask yourself, do you honestly have faith in this, or are you lying to yourself. Sorry for trying to clean up the worlds intelligence.

    1. Matthias McMahon Avatar
      Matthias McMahon


      Thanks for your…I’ll call it a comment.

      Unless you ignored the links I provided, you might have discovered that society as a whole is becoming dumber *at the same time that* the number of atheists is increasing. Of course, it takes a little bit of a sense of humor to pick up what I’m putting down, but if there really is a causal connection to be made between those two (scientific) facts, it’s not what you’ve offered.

      You are a silly person who really needs to stop parroting what all the popular kids are saying, and actually think about some of these things. I’m willing to reason with you if you’re willing to return the favor. But I do find it odd that you would take issue with my believing what “prehistoric” (which is really a misnomer. Pre-history is “pre *recorded* history,” and the Bible is a “record.”) people have said about the time they lived in, while you don’t for a moment second-guess modern man’s musings of history about which we have no written record.

      Besides the fact that God isn’t merely a “magical being,” are you seriously suggesting that no child believes in God? Do you not get out much? Honest question. This should be common knowledge.

      And, if by “this” you’re asking if I really believe in God, then yes.

      You said, “Sorry for trying to clean up the worlds [sic] intelligence.”

      As a racist Indian philosopher once said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

      Take care,

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