Apologetics to the Glory of God

One correction I want to make:

Before any audio goes up, or anything else, I want to correct something I said in the second-to-last Q&A section – I stated that “Christ died the first and second death at once. Think about that.” – I said it, but did not intend to say it. What I meant to say was that “Christ died the second death in place of the first, and did so all at once. Think about that.” I got garbled, and said it as I stated above, and didn’t realize I had said it until Chris responded to it. It was not intentional, and does not reflect my views. I stated something badly, and just plain got garbled – and told Mr. Date about it as soon as he was done with his response, as he can attest.

I apologize, and once again – I did not intend to say it that way, nor does it reflect what I actually believe about the death of Christ. It was a misstatement, albeit a major one – so I am making this correction before I do anything else.



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