Debate: Is there good reason to believe that the Christian God exists?

Resolved: There is good reason to believe that the Christian God exists.

Moderator: Brian Knapp

Affirmative: Chris Bolt

Chris Bolt holds a B.A. Philosophy (High Honors) and B.A. Religion from Lynchburg College (Magna Cum Laude) as well as an M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (School of Theology) where he is a Ph.D. candidate in Christian Philosophy. Bolt is the recipient of a number of awards for his work in philosophy and religion and a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. He has participated in debates on the existence of God and on ethics and wrote a chapter of …

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A Reason for the Hope: Essays in Apologetics by Massimo Lorenzini

Some may know that my understanding of presuppositional apologetics initially came from Massimo Lorenzini through his website I am happy to announce that Massimo has written a new book that serves as an introduction to apologetics:

A Reason for the Hope: Essays in Apologetics by Massimo Lorenzini

You may purchase his new book here.

Thanks Massimo!…

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Bye, Bye, BritBaird

It looks as though Paul Baird is “calling it quits” at least until January. Of course, that’s assuming he takes the New Year to be January, and not February. In a debate with Sye TenBruggencate he claimed that a pagan god revealed to him that the New Year actually begins in February.
In his Saturday, 27 August 2011 post titled “and in the end” Paul Baird complains of  “the same old tired arguments” between atheists and theists being repeated. In response he has quit posting at a number of online forums including Open University, AAPlus, and Premier Christian Radio.

He …

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Please pray for the debate, "Is there good reason to believe that the Christian God exists?"

Is there good reason to believe that the Christian God exists?


Lord willing I will soon be debating Michael Long of Goodness Over God. Michael holds both a B.A. and an M.A. in Philosophy. His full biography will be provided at the time of the debate. Michael is extremely knowledgeable about apologetics and is an articulate defender of the atheist position.

This will be a Skype debate. The Moderator is Brian Knapp. The plans are to make the debate recording available for free download on the Choosing Hats website at and it may be posted as well …

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Praxis Presup: Episode 15

Sye TenBruggencate joins the discussion between Eric Hovind and the three Pauls of Skepticule Record.

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Will the real Paul please stand up?

Apparently I was confused regarding what Ben Wallis actually deleted from his blog post where he interacts with Paul. Ben thinks that I am Paul, but I can take that as a compliment. 😉

In any event, you can catch up on everything by reading my previous post. The comment from Paul that Ben actually deleted is posted below, compliments of the real Paul. With all due respect to Mr. Wallis I must be moving on for now because I have better things to do with my time at the moment and trust that Ben does as well!

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Letter From An Enraged Sock-Puppet

Deaya Mistah Bolt,

Hi! Four a wittle while I’ve watched your bwog enteraction wiff Mistah Wawwis. It’s vewwy intewesting to say the weast.

But today I got a big supwise! Mistah Wawwis wote:

One other thing I won’t tolerate is using sock-puppet accounts. I recently had to delete a post by “Paul” because it appears to me that he is really Chris Bolt. [Chris has used sock-puppets on my blog previously, e.g. here.] Thankfully this has been the only time in nearly two years of blogging that I’ve had to delete anything.

Alls I have is a sock-puppet

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Praxis Presup: Episode 14

Chris finishes reviewing an exchange between Eric Hovind of Creation Science Evangelism and Paul Baird of Skepticule.


Oklahoma podcast on Sye’s multimedia page:  (June 29th radio interview)

Third debate on sale with the other 2 in a 3 cd package with a bonus dvd of the third debate and some other video of Eric and Sye:
One minute advertisement for the debate set:
Talking about the third debate and Paul’s move to harder atheism:

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The Sixth Sense

Many, if not all, of us have heard at some point in our lives that there are five senses. The senses are sight, taste, smell, hearing,  and touch. Scripture, on the other hand, teaches that all men (whether they lack any of the above senses) have a sixth sense. It’s what Calvin called the “Sensus Divinitatis” or the “Sense of Divinity”.  In the third chapter of Book 1 of the Institutes, Calvin writes the following:

That there exists in the human minds and indeed by natural instinct, some sense of Deity, we hold to be beyond dispute, since God himself,

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