Apologetics to the Glory of God

Letter From An Enraged Sock-Puppet

Deaya Mistah Bolt,

Hi! Four a wittle while I’ve watched your bwog enteraction wiff Mistah Wawwis. It’s vewwy intewesting to say the weast.

But today I got a big supwise! Mistah Wawwis wote:

One other thing I won’t tolerate is using sock-puppet accounts. I recently had to delete a post by “Paul” because it appears to me that he is really Chris Bolt. [Chris has used sock-puppets on my blog previously, e.g. here.] Thankfully this has been the only time in nearly two years of blogging that I’ve had to delete anything.

Alls I have is a sock-puppet account! Mistah Bolt it’s tewwible! Even someone posting anonomoosely got cawled a sock-puppet! And someone named Paul did two! Awl his posts wuh e-raced! I know anonomoos and sock-puppets are not the same tangs. I feel bad four Paul.

I will twy not to hold this against you Mistah Bolt, but tank of the damage it does to us sock-puppets if you poste anonomoosely in the futuhr!

Thank you Suh,
Lamb Chop


Dear Lamb Chop,

I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with finding out that you can no longer post at Mr. Wallis’ blog. As you appear to understand, posting anonymously and using a “sock-puppet” are not the same thing. You are also correct that I am not “Paul.” In any event, I have posted the conversation between Ben and Paul here. I do wish that Ben would at least attempt to answer my concerns about his worldview instead of going after my character and accusing me of “sock-puppetry,” but if you have followed our exchanges in the past then you know as well as I do how frustrated he must be by now in attempting to defend the untenable position that he holds.

In any event, his blog belongs to him, and he is free to moderate, delete, and set any other rules that he wants. If I were a sock-puppet like you I might be a bit upset as well, but that is a difficult hypothetical for me to think through. My apologies.








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