Apologetics to the Glory of God


Then, Christian men, behave like men! It is childish to doubt; it is manhood’s glory to trust. Plant your foot upon the immoveable Rock of Ages; lift your eye to heaven; scorn the world; never play craven; bend your fist in the world’s face, and bid defiance to it and hell, and you are a man, and noble. But crouch and cringe, and dread, and doubt, and you have lost your Christian dignity, and are no longer what you should be. You do not honor God. – Charles Haddon Spurgeon, “Fear Not!”, 1857

In our day, as in many days past, it has become fashionable to doubt. To question whether we can truly have certainty. My response is similar to Spurgeon’s, albeit more earthy, perhaps; Man up. That will be all.



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