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In Antithesis: An Announcement – and A Call for Papers

In a previous post, Chris announced our intention to begin an apologetics journal; this current announcement both confirms those plans, and makes a small change. The finalized name for the journal, we’ve decided, is In Antithesis: A Reformed Apologetics Journal. You can now see the link to the Journal page in the upper right navigation section. The first issue of In Antithesis is currently slated for a June release, barring providential hindrance.

Along with this announcement, we are calling for papers conforming to the specifications outlined on the Journal page. The deadline for submissions is May 31st. As stated on the Journal page, if you are interested in submitting your work for consideration, please use the Contact link above and submit UPDATE: a biography and abstract, as outlined on the Journal page. At this time we are considering submissions for the September issue of the Journal. However, we will consider submissions for the June issue on a case-by-case basis – if this is the case, please contact us as soon as possible.


5 responses to “In Antithesis: An Announcement – and A Call for Papers”

  1. C.L. Bolt Avatar

    Thanks Ian, I was unaware of this journal.

    1. Ian Clary Avatar

      We’re somewhat broader than presuppositionalism (although you can find my article on presup. in the first issue, which is free online), so we’re dealing with different issues.

  2. james Avatar

    How do we subscribe?? Will it be a electronic journal or printed page?? :)))

    1. RazorsKiss Avatar

      It will be an electronic journal.

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