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Coffee Bean Discipleship

Today as I was sitting at my local Starbucks, typing away on an essay, I began to take notice of two guys who had sat down behind me.  It was  somewhere in between the end of one album I was listening to and the beginning of another that I heard someone mention “the Word”.  I paused my iPod and began to listen intently, feeling a bit guilty that I was both listening to someone else’s conversation, and doing so with headphones in my ears as if I was listening to music instead!  What I heard, however, was encouraging.

It was one fella discipling another.  He was answering question after question, while at the same time honestly indicating that he didn’t have the answers to all of them.  I immediately began to go through the internal turmoil of deciding whether it was appropriate for me to ask permission to join in the conversation, as such things are my passion.  However, I opted not do to so, as I didn’t want to seem too intrusive.

As I was leaving, I did interrupt them long enough to mention I was excited to hear them discussing God’s word and struggling with some of the tougher questions we all face, and then suggested that they visit Choosing Hats.  I indicated that we tackle some of the tougher questions here, and that we also have a chat room where we encourage people to come in and discuss.  Of course, this is not to say that we have all the answers to all the questions – rather, we are certain that we do not!  However, I wanted to make them aware of the resources that we provide here.

As what I witnessed encouraged me, I want to make a point to encourage you to do the same.  As Christians we should be passionate about discipling others, and about being discipled ourselves.  This is not to say that we need to follow the most recent best-seller study guide from the local bookstore.  In fact, the Bible is quite sufficient on its own to be our study guide.

So get out there!  Don’t be afraid to meet in a public place such as your local coffee house to have a discussion about how amazing the God of the Bible is.







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  1. Ivan Ortega Avatar

    Coffee joints are very good for discussions. People often hear and want to join the conversation. When words like Jesus, God, and the Bible are mentioned, I notice people turn their heads to listen. A great indication that we all have a “sensus divinitatis.”

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