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Refusing Antithetical Assumptions

We make our gods unknowable entities. The God of the Bible is knowable. Throughout all of Scripture God never presumes Himself to be unknown or unknowable but rather known. The Bible contains no proofs in the strictest sense for the existence of God. The Bible starts out with a declaration that God exists and assumes His existence throughout. The sinful fool knows that God exists but holds the truth down in unrighteousness saying in his heart, “There is no God.” (Romans 1.18ff; Psalm 14.1)

The individual who fashions for himself an unknowable god makes an idol that is wholly irrelevant to the God of the Bible. In denying that the God of the Bible is knowable the unbeliever calls God a liar and sets himself as the creature against his own Creator in willful, prideful, sinful rebellion. That God is made plain in His creation and creatures is the testimony of the entirety of Scripture and does not rest upon one or two questionable texts.

The unbeliever will claim again and again that he really does not believe in God and that he really cannot come to know God though he has examined all of the evidence and arguments offered him. He will complain to us that we are arrogant and offensive in suggesting that he really does know his Creator when he has his own personal experience and testimony which state otherwise. We must answer that he is arrogant and offensive in suggesting that God is so incompetent as to be unable to make Himself known to His own creature.

The unbeliever will take his own alleged experience as his evidence and proof that God does not exist. The believer will take the Word of God as his evidence and proof that the Atheist does not exist. The latter “argument” is in no wise inferior to the former, and Christians should at once cease pretending that it is. People do not do God a favor in believing in and professing His existence and they certainly do themselves no favor in denying it.


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