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Praxis Presup: Episode 5

Praxis Presup
Episode 5 – September 27th, 2010
Chris Bolt

Chris and his friends discuss Sean Choi’s “Fristianity” as it appears in Reasons For Faith.

Praxis Presup 5


3 responses to “Praxis Presup: Episode 5”

  1. Mitchell LeBlanc Avatar

    It seems to me that Choi saying that *we* know that the Fristian knows of God in that world through stipulation, but I don’t see how that entails that *in* that world the Fristian knows of the Fristian God stipulatively.

    P.S. Did you get my e-mail Chris?

  2. C.L. Bolt Avatar

    That we know Fristianity by stipulation does not entail that Fristianity would be known by stipulation if it were true, however Choi takes Butler’s claim (“If Fristianity is otherwise identical to Christianity, the only way for us to know [that its god is a quadrinity] would be for the Fristian god to reveal this to us.”) to be false since we know it by stipulation. In Footnote 32 Choi adds, “If Butler intends by this actual revelation, then, of course, his objection is confused.” Hence I take it that Choi is rejecting revelation in the hypothetical. If he is not then you are correct that the response will need to be different.

    The last email I received from you was the Swinburne article. I don’t see anything else. Try chrisbolt@ymail.com

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