Apologetics to the Glory of God

Comment Rules and Guidelines

We welcome and encourage your comments on the posts at Choosing Hats. Though we may interact with your comments it should not be expected. Below are some rules and guidelines for submitting comments.

Zero tolerance for profanity.

Zero tolerance for spam.

Zero tolerance for trolling.

Comments should pertain to the topic of their respective posts.

Comments should remain on topic.

Keep comments a reasonable length.

No fundamentalist Atheist preaching.




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5 responses to “Comment Rules and Guidelines”

  1. Mitchell LeBlanc Avatar

    “No fundamentalist Atheist preaching.”


  2. Nocterro Avatar

    What counts as “fundamentalist Atheist preaching.”? How many words is a reasonable length?

  3. Mitchell LeBlanc Avatar

    If any letters included in your sentence can spell out “DAWKINS”, you’re screwed!

  4. G. Kyle Essary Avatar
    G. Kyle Essary

    Please immediately ban Mitchell LeBlanc for using the name of a fundamentalist atheist evangelist without prior approval.

    Seriously though, these are good rules to maintain.

  5. Christopher G Weaver Avatar
    Christopher G Weaver

    I think these are good rules.

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