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  • The FAQ Section: A Reminder

    This is just a friendly reminder to new site commenters as well as visitors to our chat channel. As it says in the comment section, please make sure you have read through the FAQ section before making a comment, or asking a question in the chat channel. Obviously, we haven’t addressed every objection there is – but we do have at least a general context given there for most objections, and their general categories, which should inform our mutual discussion.

    This section can be visited by clicking the “FAQ” tab up top – if there is a subject that you’d …

  • Comment Rules and Guidelines

    We welcome and encourage your comments on the posts at Choosing Hats. Though we may interact with your comments it should not be expected. Below are some rules and guidelines for submitting comments.

    Zero tolerance for profanity.

    Zero tolerance for spam.

    Zero tolerance for trolling.

    Comments should pertain to the topic of their respective posts.

    Comments should remain on topic.

    Keep comments a reasonable length.

    No fundamentalist Atheist preaching.