Apologetics to the Glory of God

Short Break

In an effort to not undermine my apologetic or contradict what its conclusions entail I will be taking just a short break from posting here. While other contributors may post during this time it is unlikely that they will do so.

However, I am mostly letting you know about this because I will be periodically posting links to material that many of you have probably never seen before. Some of it will be in media format. So make sure to keep reading and I hope to return in several weeks to complete the many tasks I have left undone!



2 responses to “Short Break”

  1. Nocterro Avatar

    Hey Chris,

    Are you still planning on authoring a closing statement to our discussion before your vacation?

    Have a good one.

  2. Jeff Downs Avatar

    You may want to point your readers to a lecture by Lane Tipton on Van Til’s trinitian thought (it is titled Westminster Trinitarianism). It can be found on the Westminster Seminary site, in thier audio section, under Lane Tipton. One needs to subscribe (easy to do) to access this particular lecture.

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