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Collision – A Brief Review

I received my copy of Collision yesterday from Amazon, but didn’t get a chance to watch it until this evening.  I must say I was captivated throughout the entire 90 minutes.  Doug Wilson and Christopher Hitchens are the two “characters” (which is a truly accurate characterization) of this documentary/debate/discussion that left me wishing I was present in-person for the interchanges between them, instead of having to watch it replayed without a chance to interact with either of them.  Both are intelligent, witty, quick on their feet, and passionate about their opposing beliefs.

Doug Wilson is a Presuppositionalist who, in addition to being a pastor, theologian, and prolific author, is also at the center of controversy regarding his views on the covenant and the doctrine of justification.  These controversies, as real as they may be, have no bearing in my view on the utter clarity of presentation and faithfulness to the Bible that Wilson demonstrates during this 90 minute documentary.  Perhaps Wilson is misguided in certain areas of theology – I don’t know, because I have not studied his views fully enough, nor would I likely be in any position to challenge them if I did.  Regardless, he presents the affirmative position that Christianity is truly “good” for the world without faltering at a single point.

His “opponent”, Christopher Hitchens, is (in my estimation) one of the brightest, sassiest, well-spoken mainstream Atheists today.  Many may be put off by his direct condemnation not only of Christianity, but of God himself.  Hitchens has no problem playing judge and jury in putting God on trial, and as blasphemous as this is, it demonstrates the antithesis between Christians such as Wilson and “anti-Theists” such as Hitchens.  Regardless, after watching the first 10 minutes or so of their interaction, I have to say I warmed up to Hitchens (in a “I can’t believe you just said that about God” sort of way.)

Rather than review the entirety of the DVD, let me just say this; if you are at all interested in apologetics, especially Presuppositionalism, you absolutely must see this.  The content is well-balanced, with each side scoring “points” throughout, although I obviously feel Wilson addresses everything Hitchens brings his way and then some.  But even if you are a non-Christian, I think you will find this to be an entertaining and educational 90 minutes.



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  1. Jon Cardwell Avatar

    Wow. Thanks, BK.

    I was waffling for awhile on whether to see this or not… you know, I wanted to but it might just be the same old schtick and I could have used the money elsewhere.

    Nevertheless, I was delighted by your review and will have to direct folks from my Justification by Grace blog to your very thoughtful review… and may just have to get a copy myself.

    Thanks again and Lord’s blessings to you.

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