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A Collision is Coming

Atheist Christopher Hitchens (“God is not Good”) and Christian Doug Wilson (“Letter From a Christian Citizen”) have been on tour for the past year holding a series of debates and public appearances that have eventually led to the production of the film “Collision”. The film is due to be released October 27, 2009 and can already be pre-ordered on Amazon.

There are a number of videos already on YouTube about the film … here is just one …

The URL for the website is www.collisionmovie.com.






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  1. Lyndon Unger Avatar

    Nice new Format! I’ll be interested to see that video, but basically for the sheer entertainment value. I’ve kinda become “Post-Hitchens” now. He’s not half as fascinating as he used to be and is consistently annoying in his misunderstandings of, or outright ignoring of, the cases presented by people who engage him in debate. Still, should be a good movie to stimulate thought and conversation.

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