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A Study of “Always Ready” – Part 1

Yesterday afternoon (or yesterday evening, depending on whether you live in Norway or not) the four of us here at Choosing Hats conducted our first Study of the book “Always Ready” by Dr. Greg Bahnsen. For those unfamiliar with the book, this is really the seminal work in presuppositional apologetics. Although the book doesn’t go down too far into the details, it definitely gives enough to get started with.

We thought we would try out a little experiment with this study, and so decided to record our conversation. Since we all live in different parts of God’s great big world, we relied upon “Skype” to bring us together into a virtual room for this study. We will eventually make a podcast out of this, but for now, just click on the link below to hear our study.

Skype-recorded Audio of Study

By the way, please feel free to leave any comments or questions you wish after listening to the audio. We would love to hear from you!

— BK






3 responses to “A Study of “Always Ready” – Part 1”

  1. RazorsKiss Avatar

    Sounding good thus far, guys. Looking forward to the last installment.

  2. Lance Avatar

    The link to the audio fails (none of the links to the audio in this series works). Is it possible to still get the audio for this series? Perhaps posting them to Google drive?

    1. RazorsKiss Avatar

      I will look into it, Lance. They didn’t make it through all of the many reincarnations of the site, it appears 🙂

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