Apologetics to the Glory of God

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  • Finally an articulate, enlightened comment from a non-Christian blogger…

    [Chris Bolt] is probably trying to find a space in his bible that would accept him writing in his answers in crayon. Sadly those Pre-schooler crayons are so large at the tip they don’t quite look the same as the print in the actual bible… Hey I got an idea, he can grab one of those Children’s Bibles that you used to see on late night infomercials… that always seemed to bother me, why would they market a product for kids to insomniacs and drug addicts? Or are Christian children predisposed to insomnia (due to fear of God coming out

  • Why Christians Are Stupid and Atheists Are Not

    If you were to buy into atheist propaganda on the Internet you would have no choice but to conclude that Christians are some of the most ignorant, irrational, dishonest, deluded idiots on the planet. In short if you are a Christian, then you are stupid. You can substitute whatever other derogatory term you would like in the place of stupid. The point is that something is seriously wrong with the idiots who believe these nonsensical fairy tales, etc. etc. You have heard it all before. You get the point.

    Of course I do not really need the atheists to tell …