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  • Just a Quick Update

    A bunch of folks have liked the Facebook page recently, so welcome! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

    Thanks to my fellow contributors and our readers for putting up with me over the past couple months! It’s been a bit of a wild ride, and I appreciate their forbearance. I really don’t have any debate commentary as yet, and probably won’t for a bit. I’m sure you all are as tired of the subject as I am by now! Now that that debate is finally over, I’m getting back to some other projects …

  • I Ask Your Prayers For Our Baby

    Our unborn child has been diagnosed with a very serious case of hydrops fetalis – a disorder where there is an abnormal accumulation of fluid below the baby’s skin, inside the abdomen, or other areas. Further, there is an incidence of cystic hygroma as well. What this means is that there is a extremely great chance the baby will not live to term, and if he or she does (we haven’t been able to find out as yet), there is a rather high chance that the baby will have long-term disabilities of some sort. This accumulation is not localized, but …