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  • Cage-Stage Woke Folk: Brad Mason’s Mistaken Reply to John MacArthur

    John MacArthur started a series calling out the “social justice” movement in evangelicalism.

    Brad Mason’s recent response to the first installment in that series is most disappointing, to say the least.…

  • John MacArthur is a Fool

    The title of this video mentions homosexuality, but I would encourage you to focus in on what the commentator at the beginning and end of the series of clips has to say. John MacArthur constantly turns the conversation back to the Gospel and authority of Scripture over against the uninformed opinions of the men with which he is in disagreement. Successful media appearances are certainly not as easy as they may look since they rest upon the ability to make succinct yet powerful arguments and responses in sound bite form.



    Note the simplicity and authority with which MacArthur …