Apologetics to the Glory of God

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  • Finally an articulate, enlightened comment from a non-Christian blogger…

    [Chris Bolt] is probably trying to find a space in his bible that would accept him writing in his answers in crayon. Sadly those Pre-schooler crayons are so large at the tip they don’t quite look the same as the print in the actual bible… Hey I got an idea, he can grab one of those Children’s Bibles that you used to see on late night infomercials… that always seemed to bother me, why would they market a product for kids to insomniacs and drug addicts? Or are Christian children predisposed to insomnia (due to fear of God coming out

  • “Christianity is a Man-made Religion”

    It is always amusing to hear some of the language that non-Christians, and especially atheists, use in their assaults on the Christian faith and defenses of their own position.

    Presumably the atheist thinks it is somewhat problematic and perhaps even insulting to the Christian to dismiss his or her position as “man-made.” We can set aside the obvious “problem” with using “man” this way in the current academic climate. We can also set aside that the unbeliever almost always merely asserts without argument that Christianity is man-made. We may then note that the statement as it stands is no insult …

  • That Ol' Time Atheist Religion

    Atheist fundamentalism is a sad phenomenon. Examples of it are provided below from comments made on this post.


    “Yes it’s a poor argument. The argument is deductively valid, as is the following:

    If large green peas, then Jolly Green Giant. Large green peas. Jolly Green Giant.

    Obviously, this isn’t a good argument for the existence of the Jolly Green Giant. Yet Chris, who supposedly is a huge proponent of TAG, seems to think these types of arguments are pretty convincing arguments for the existence of God.”

    Agreus is referring to TAG here and is asserting that it is …