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  • Fundamentalist Atheism

    After your eyes stop bleeding – compare the incredible professionalism – and the ability to perfectly represent the other side – to the video featured here.

    Fundamentalist Atheism:

    Spouting bumper sticker truisms and unaesthetic, simplistic comic books for those unwilling to deal with arguments.

    Jack Chick: Well, we see him as a raving fundy, too.
    Pretty cool, huh? Check /r/atheism sometime. It’s awesome, and incredibly convincing. Just like Jack Chick. Don’t forget your Sagan quotes. Jack Chick sure won’t forget his King James.…

  • The New Atheism: Logical Positivism for the Masses

    Over the course of the last year or so I have become increasingly convinced that the so-called New Atheism is merely a popular form of the now thoroughly rebutted, outdated and extinct radical empiricist philosophy of logical positivism.

    In the last several weeks I have happened upon a few atheist sites that make the connection explicit.

    Some time ago I left a comment on Triablogue in which I claimed, “As classical foundationalists and naive evidentialists, fundamentalist atheists are the flat-earthers of philosophy.” (Dustin Segers later used the “flat-earthers of philosophy” phrase in one of his exchanges.)

    The same is …

  • Finally an articulate, enlightened comment from a non-Christian blogger…

    [Chris Bolt] is probably trying to find a space in his bible that would accept him writing in his answers in crayon. Sadly those Pre-schooler crayons are so large at the tip they don’t quite look the same as the print in the actual bible… Hey I got an idea, he can grab one of those Children’s Bibles that you used to see on late night infomercials… that always seemed to bother me, why would they market a product for kids to insomniacs and drug addicts? Or are Christian children predisposed to insomnia (due to fear of God coming out

  • Why Christians Are Stupid and Atheists Are Not

    If you were to buy into atheist propaganda on the Internet you would have no choice but to conclude that Christians are some of the most ignorant, irrational, dishonest, deluded idiots on the planet. In short if you are a Christian, then you are stupid. You can substitute whatever other derogatory term you would like in the place of stupid. The point is that something is seriously wrong with the idiots who believe these nonsensical fairy tales, etc. etc. You have heard it all before. You get the point.

    Of course I do not really need the atheists to tell …

  • “Christianity is a Man-made Religion”

    It is always amusing to hear some of the language that non-Christians, and especially atheists, use in their assaults on the Christian faith and defenses of their own position.

    Presumably the atheist thinks it is somewhat problematic and perhaps even insulting to the Christian to dismiss his or her position as “man-made.” We can set aside the obvious “problem” with using “man” this way in the current academic climate. We can also set aside that the unbeliever almost always merely asserts without argument that Christianity is man-made. We may then note that the statement as it stands is no insult …

  • “It’s a Conspiracy!” – Freethinking Jnani Joins Truther Rosa Rubicondior

    It seems UK atheists like Rosa Rubicondior are not the only ones who spend too much time at Prison Planet. American atheist Jnani joined Rosa Rubicondior in her efforts to use Twitter to expose the great conspiracy against atheists at Choosing Hats – https://twitter.com/#!/freethought4you/status/149248483218554881/photo/1.

    Unfortunately he either did not read or did not understand what Rosa actually wrote before joining in on the protest. He writes, “Here is more proof that Choosing Hats selectively filters comments on its blog just like Rosa Rubicondior claims.” But Rosa Rubicondior did not make the claim Jnani attributes to her. Rosa accused us …

  • Rosa Rubicondior Unsuccessfully Tries to Save Face

    Rosa Rubicondior is an atheist from the UK who has been insisting that there is some great conspiracy at Choosing Hats to systematically delete comments submitted by atheists. Her harebrained conspiracy theory was easily dealt with in my latest post here – https://choosinghats.org/2011/12/a-brief-response-to-atheist-rosa-rubicondiors-conspiracy-theory. Rosa simply does not have a leg to stand on. Not only have a handful of the contributors to the site engaged in numerous public debates with atheists, but we have spent hours answering comments from atheists posted to this site – our site – in an attempt to answer their concerns, and this is to …

  • “Theology is Piffle” – Paul S. Jenkins on Debate

    Once upon a time I wrote to Paul S. Jenkins in a comment on his blog and said, “Any time you are willing to debate, ‘Theology is Piffle’ let me know!” In response he asks, “Is it worth debating?” Answering his own question, he writes, “Probably not, because in order to ‘debate’ sensibly about something, both sides must be clear that they are discussing the same thing.”

    Is it true that both sides in a debate must be clear that they are discussing the same thing? Probably not, and I can think of any number of debates where the participants …

  • Rhology on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast

    It was just brought to my attention that Rhology, a contributor at Triablogue, was interviewed on the Fundamentally Flawed  podcast. This can be listened to here for the edited version, and it can be downloaded here, uncut. I am told that the language gets rather rough at the end, so listen at your own risk.…

  • Atheist Philosopher Michael Ruse Says "Little Value" In Sam Harris Book


    “If God wanted to destroy New Atheism, getting this book written was a good start.”