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  • Judges Judging Judgers

    “I’m so tired of Christians judging other Christians for practicing homosexuality, just let them do what they want”, says Lucy, a professing Christian, who jut heard some of her other Christian friends talking about homosexuality in a negative overtone. Describing it as an “abomination” (Lev 18:22), “degrading” (Rom 1:26)  and “indecent” (Rom 1:27). “I hate when they speak about it like that!” whispers Lucy to another friend standing by.  Perhaps Lucy should remove the log out of her own eye before complaining about  the speck from her friends’ eye.…

  • The Argument from Atheistic Activism: “The Achilles’ Heel of Internet Atheism?” Revisited


    In a recent post here – https://choosinghats.org/2012/02/the-achilles-heel-of-internet-atheism – I made the following observation:

    It takes somebody really, really … special … to spend hours upon hours blogging, podcasting, and commenting about an imaginary concept of deity with no more intellectual credibility than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. And yet there are people who do exactly that day after day! Think of all those grown men sitting at their computers wasting their time lashing out at people for believing in God when they could be partying it up before the worms eat them.

    Are we really supposed to

  • We’ve Got Mail: Does evolution explain morality?

    Hi Chris,

    What about the argument from the evolutionary atheist that evolution explains morality. For example people don’t stab someone in the stomach because they have empathy. They know that stabbing someone would cause a unpleasant response. So pain is “bad” and we try to avoid it so we can survive together.

    Thank you,




    The argument you offered is exceedingly bad. I am not sure whether or not it fairly represents the argument you have in mind, but I will briefly respond to it as you have presented it.

    For example people don’t stab someone in the

  • The God Gap

    Joe Carter over at The Gospel Coalition posted an interesting story about “The God Gap.” Do understand that our appeal to the non-believer is in their creatureliness not their mere emotions but there is no doubt the ramifications of their rejection of God is seen in this article and are no doubt back of the issues being discussed.

    Article: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2012/01/30/60-second-summary-the-god-gap

  • A Case Study In Apostasy by ZaoThanatoo (Guest Post)

    I had planned to write a chapter-by-chapter critical review of prominent atheist John Loftus’ book, Why I Am an Atheist; however, upon reading the book I believed that such an analysis was overkill and unnecessary in refuting Loftus’ claims.  Providentially, shortly after I finished reading Loftus’ three books the fellas over at Triablogue released their collaboration, The Infidel Delusion, in response to Loftus, et al.  So I thought my little collection of posts might just be blogospheric white noise in the flurry of responses exchanged.

    So I reworked the bit that I had written in response to Loftus …

  • Responses to the assertions of Yasser Ali

    In the debate transcript, I have inserted my opponent’s answers, as I said I would. This post is intended to answer his assertions made therein, and to address the various problems I found with them. As of this posting, he has yet to offer his final questions, so I’m going to go ahead and offer comments on the debate in it’s entirety, and consider the debate closed. My questions will be italicized bold, his answers in italics, both will be in quote, and my responses in plain text. I will be offering more comments in the future, and …

  • Norman Geisler and Moral Relativism

    Cross posted.

    “Ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong. Christian Ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong for a Christian.” Norman Geisler. Christian Ethics: Options and Issues. Grand Rapids, MI. Baker Academic, 1989. Pg. 17. (All quotations and paraphrases in this post are from this source.)

    Let’s step carefully through Dr. Geisler’s statements.

    “Ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong.”

    To state that ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong is rather straightforward. If any objections to Geisler’s statements are to be raised they must be raised with respect to the …

  • Norman Geisler On Ethics

    Can you spot the problem(s)?

    “Ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong. Christian Ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong for a Christian.”

    Norman Geisler (Christian Ethics: Options and Issues, 17)

    Strive to remember that God is our standard for right thinking and right living. There is no other standard.…

  • “Cruel Logic”

  • “Silly” Arguments

    The attempts of liberals to interpret Scripture according to their own would-be autonomous categories have always struck me as exercises in futility due to the admission that they have already rejected Scripture anyway. The lengths to which people will go in an attempt to justify sin in themselves and in others are rather incredible. One can know this by taking a look at how one attempts to justify one’s own sin. [Edit: Payton Alexander has expressed to me that he does not wish to be labeled a liberal. I cannot find any place where I have given him that label.]…