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Norman Geisler On Ethics

Can you spot the problem(s)?

“Ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong. Christian Ethics deals with what is morally right and wrong for a Christian.”

Norman Geisler (Christian Ethics: Options and Issues, 17)

Strive to remember that God is our standard for right thinking and right living. There is no other standard.


2 responses to “Norman Geisler On Ethics”

  1. Nocterro Avatar

    I think there are two interpretations of this quote.

    One is “X is actually right/wrong for a Christian, and Y is what is actually right/wrong for a non-Christian.”

    The other is “Ethics is the study of *moral standards*. Christian Ethics is the study of *the Christian moral standard*.

    Non-christians standards have been proposed. There *are* other standards. If you want to say they are all flawed in some way, that’s fine. But they exist. 😛

  2. Mark Avatar

    I suppose one could just add any adjective in order to define ethics and the definition may forever change. For the Christian there should be no difference in defining ethics.

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