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  • Applying Paul

    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.
    Prov 1:7 (ESV)

    Recognizing God for who He is and giving Him due reverence as Lord is the beginning of knowledge, not the end of it. This is very different from what most people think today. Even some Christians think that if we just start with what we already know without God, we can show people that God really does exist. From there, we can tell people about who God is. This does not match the verse though. A knowledge of God does not come …

  • A Different Set of Rules

    Imagine you are at a friend’s house playing a game of pool. Your friend begins the game by breaking, but not a single ball goes into a pocket. Now it is your turn. You step up, adjust your pool stick just right, and sink a striped ball into a side pocket. You call solids but your friend objects.

    “Huh? You can’t be solids. You sank a striped, so you are stripes.”

    “Nope. It doesn’t go by what kind of ball you sink first. Being the first to sink a ball just means that you get to choose first, not that …

  • Dan Barker objecting to his own book being quoted

    The other day I posted on a Barker vs White debate while it was going on. You may find the post by clicking here.

    Dr. White has provided the video clip of the event which you can see below.

    Please make sure to visit Alpha and Omega Ministries as Dr. White has posted a number of times on this rather strange incident.…

  • “Does God Exist?” My Opening Statement (2006)

    Opening Statement
    “Does God Exist?”
    Central Virginia Community College
    February 2006

    Thank you all for coming out for the debate and thanks to Alex and Dr. McGee for being willing to help with this. I’d also like to thank my God, in whom we live and move and have our being. I want to make it clear from the start that the God I am talking about today is the God of the Christian scriptures. That’s the only God I care to prove because He is the only God who actually exists. I am happy to join Alex in refuting …

  • The Futility of Unbelief

    My wife and I are currently listening to a debate (live) between well known atheist Dan Barker and Christian apologist Dr. James White through www.aomin.org.

    Dan Barker just finished his opening statement which more or less left us with the old argument that the account of Jesus was borrowed from mythology. This is not why I am writing this post.

    After Barker’s opening statement, Dr. White got up to begin his opening statement. As Dr. White always does his homework, his opening statement was full of quotes from Barker’s books. One would think that Mr. Barker would be glad to …