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  • When Contra Munda isn’t All About You

    Back in the third century of the church, as I’m sure some of our readers are aware, there was a bishop named Athanasius – his tenacious defense of the doctrine of the Trinity, in opposition to the swiftly growing heresy of Arianism gave rise to the statement “Athanasius contra mundum” – Athanasius against the world. In a sense, this wasn’t quite true – there were other defenders of the Trinity around, but none so prolific, and none who were targeted nearly so heavily as Athanasius, who was ejected from his church five times, and was only vindicated after his death. …

  • Ben Wallis on Van Tilian Presuppositionalism (Updated)

    UPDATE: Ben Wallis has edited his post to reflect his take on my concerns. See here – http://benwallis.blogspot.com/2012/02/reasonable-doubtcasters-on-van-tilian.html?showComment=1330427431782#c5897980217578008803


    I like Ben Wallis, and he takes some really interesting angles in philosophical discussions, but I fear we often talk past one another.

    Perhaps I am missing something in Ben’s most recent post, but his comments there appear less than fair. You may read the post in its entirety here – http://benwallis.blogspot.com/2012/02/reasonable-doubtcasters-on-van-tilian.html.

    In that post, Wallis praises the recent work of the Reasonable Doubts podcast that pertains to presuppositional apologetics. Essentially, the hosts there appealed to Michael Martin’s TANG, Mitch …

  • Ben Wallis Poisons the Well and Dodges the Issue…Again

    In my last post I directed readers to some comments that have been posted on Ben Wallis’ blog concerning Brian Knapp’s post on the Atheist’s Burden of Proof. As expected, Ben was not very happy with what I had to say in that post. All indications are that he has run out of pseudo-rational justifications for his hatred of God, and so has resorted to attacking my character. Ben writes the following in the comments of the aforementioned post on his blog:

    In his characteristic mocking style, Chris Bolt has published another strange post on his blog here, which

  • *Updated* – Responding to the call for debate opponents (Ben Wallis)

    * For some reason Ben has taken down his debate challenge and it is now cached here. I am not sure what this means. It read as follows:

    Sunday, July 10, 2011
    A call for debate opponents
    I’m currently seeking opponents to defend the position that God exists in a formal Skype debate (or, if you live in far west Chicagoland, a live debate). For my own part, I am prepared to defend the alternative position that we do not know whether God exists.

    I require that any opponent be at least 21 years old, and satisfy one—preferably two—of the