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  • An Argument For Agreus

    One might deny that laws of logic exist, but not without presupposing the laws of logic (i.e. the law of non-contradiction). Since the affirmation of a proposition implies the falsehood of its contradictory, the denial of the laws of logic is self-refuting.

    The possibility of rational inference presupposes the laws of logic (i.e. identity; non-contradiction), but the laws of logic entail that nonphysical, nonspatial, nontemporal reality of some sort be accepted. The laws of logic are not physical laws as is evidenced by the fact that they are applicable to possible worlds in which there are no physical objects. [1]

  • Covenantal Apologetics and Other Religions


    Nick Norelli recently wrote:

    I think the thing is that plenty of presuppositionalists debate (look at James White who debates like every other day) and I’m sure they employ their method, but I think it lends itself to certain subjects better than others. For example, when I reviewed Gary Demar’s book on Bahnsen’s apologetic I noted how devastating I think PA is against atheism but I struggle to see it as being as strong against other forms of theism which can make the same claims (i.e., they all have their gods and their scriptures to appeal to).”

    The …

  • That Ol' Time Atheist Religion

    Atheist fundamentalism is a sad phenomenon. Examples of it are provided below from comments made on this post.


    “Yes it’s a poor argument. The argument is deductively valid, as is the following:

    If large green peas, then Jolly Green Giant. Large green peas. Jolly Green Giant.

    Obviously, this isn’t a good argument for the existence of the Jolly Green Giant. Yet Chris, who supposedly is a huge proponent of TAG, seems to think these types of arguments are pretty convincing arguments for the existence of God.”

    Agreus is referring to TAG here and is asserting that it is …

  • Agreus Attempts to Tackle TAG

    The following is from the post,  “Two Initial Objections to TAG”.  It has been edited down to include only the attempts on the part of Agreus to interact with the initial post and my responses to him.


    Two of the most common objections to the Transcendental Argument for God from both inside and outside of Christianity appear to be inconsistent with each other.


    1. TAG is circular.

    2. TAG is unstated.

    Perhaps the two can be reconciled, but I believe it would take more than the typical surface level treatment of TAG to do so. One notable …

  • Practical Atheism

    But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.
    James 1:22 (ESV)

    Take the rest of the day to reflect on this verse including its apologetic import. You probably really need to.…

  • Bored With Atheism

    I have noted this before. Are there any serious Atheist philosophers left who put some effort toward defending their position?

    (HT: ZaoThanatoo)…

  • Death of Antony Flew

    Al Mohler has written on the death of Antony Flew.

    Having just learned of this sad event I wish to comment on it but do not have the time as of right now. May this be a reminder to both Christians and non-Christians that the topics we discuss are real. The point of the discussion is about much, much more than winning a debate or outdoing another in terms of witty comments.…

  • Discussion With Nocterro: Incomplete Final Response

    Below are the links to the previous parts of an informal debate that I began with Nocterro some time ago. Unfortunately Nocterro had to take a break from the exchange and shortly thereafter I needed to as well. The final comments I offer here are rather incomplete and do not summarize the argument up to this point nor touch on every point which was a matter of contention. Nocterro has requested that I go forward with posting what I have anyway and I am happy to oblige. I want to thank Nocterro for being willing to engage in this discussion …

  • Praxis Presup: Episode 2

    Praxis Presup
    Episode 2 – April 23, 2010
    Chris Bolt and Mike Berhow

    Chris Bolt and Mike Berhow discuss hatred of the God of the Old Testament. Some of the points that are covered include arguments used by the so-called “New Atheists”. Praxis Presup 2

  • New Podcast! “Praxis Presup”

    You may find the first ever Choosing Hats Podcast Praxis Presup Praxis Presup 1 here.

    Praxis Presup
    Episode 1 – April 6, 2010
    Chris Bolt and Mike Berhow

    Chris Bolt and Mike Berhow discuss Bertrand Russell’s Celestial Teapot. Some of the points that are covered include arguments used by the so-called “New Atheists”, the nature of evidence and the burden of proof.