Peripatetic 26 – Emotions not Arguments – the Homosexual Advocacy Narrative

We review an excellent example of the homosexual advocacy narrative du jour – a post for HuffPo by Micah J. Murray. Notice the crucial word that is missing from his material. Repentance. Notice also the lack of clarity and precision found throughout, and the intense focus on emotions.

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Peripatetic 24 – Resume Inflation

Christmas, Apostasy, and Resume Inflation.

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Some Questions for Matt Oxley

Matt Oxley describes himself as a “former Christian helping others work through the battle of a lost faith.” One aspect of his mission is “to promote intelligent discussion.” So he won’t mind my probing a bit concerning his claim, “I’m a former Christian.”

Recall Scripture states, “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us.” (1 John 2.19) Recently a professing Christian cited this verse for Matt. The implication …

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Michael Sudduth Has Apostatized

The unfortunate news of Michael Sudduth’s apostasy came to me this morning in the form of a link from another contributor to the site. Steve Hays of Triablogue has posted Michael Sudduth’s de-conversion testimonial and commented on it here –

Before Deactivating my Facebook account I watched Dr. Sudduth’s Status updates with some concern. Having studied Religion in both secular and Christian schools I realize what it can look like to others when one immerses oneself in a non-Christian religion in an effort to understand and represent it fairly. But Dr. Sudduth’s Profile appeared to be dedicated much …

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A Case Study In Apostasy by ZaoThanatoo (Guest Post)

I had planned to write a chapter-by-chapter critical review of prominent atheist John Loftus’ book, Why I Am an Atheist; however, upon reading the book I believed that such an analysis was overkill and unnecessary in refuting Loftus’ claims.  Providentially, shortly after I finished reading Loftus’ three books the fellas over at Triablogue released their collaboration, The Infidel Delusion, in response to Loftus, et al.  So I thought my little collection of posts might just be blogospheric white noise in the flurry of responses exchanged.

So I reworked the bit that I had written in response to Loftus …

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