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  • Nature Grace Dualism

    Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”

    Genesis 1:26 (ESV)

    Even this portion of a verse of Scripture has serious ramifications for apologetic methodology.

    When “image” and “likeness” are taken not to be synonymous but rather to refer to two different concepts a false anthropological dichotomization is created which either extends to or finds inductive support from other doctrines similarly understood. Thus the ‘image’ of God might incorrectly be thought of as being natural to humans while the ‘likeness’ of God is thought of as supernatural so that an instance of a fabricated distinction …

  • Some of Nocterro’s Presuppositions

    Someone commenting on the site by the name Nocterro recently posted the following:

    I just have one final point to make regarding presuppositions.

    Presuppose: To believe or suppose in advance. (American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition).

    You said earlier in this discussion: “You presuppose autonomy in that you reject the Lordship of Christ and the interpretation of the resurrection provided by Scripture which states that it was a supernatural event and assume that a naturalistic interpretation is possible for any given evidence.”

    This is wrong. In fact, you could say that I started with similar presuppositions to the ones that you

  • The Asparagus And The Ape – Part 2

    One of the wonderful things about presuppositionalism is that one need look no farther than the very basic teachings of the Bible in order to get one’s answers about philosophical issues which worry and weary the unbeliever. One such problem before the unbeliever is how the essential assumption of human dignity is accounted for in a non-Christian worldview. Our society is ruminated with the implications of human dignity, and yet we saw in Part 1 of the treatment of this subject that there are fatal flaws in attempting to consistently adhere to both a non-Christian view of the world and …

  • The Asparagus And The Ape – Part 1

    “It was nothing to brag about, just a sort of squishy blob…”

    The mysterious squishy blob described above is a character in the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. The blob lives “half a billion years ago”. Ishmael, a story telling gorilla, relates the details of the blob’s environment.

    Nothing at all stirred on the land, except the wind and the dust. Not a single
    blade of grass waved in the wind, not a single cricket chirped, not a
    single bird soared in the sky…Even the seas were eerily still and silent, for
    the vertebrates too were tens of millions of