The Unfortunate Case of the Missing Argument

I’m not going to link all of Paul’s posts in this – they’ve been linked ad nauseum from here, already. His blog is Patient and Persistent – I trust our readers are more than capable of finding these comments of his 🙂

There are times when I’m engaged in an exchange with someone and I’m not sure if I’ve understood them correctly. That’s how I felt reading Chris Bolt’s stuff. It turns out that I did understand him correctly.

Note: Paul does not here explain 1) What he understood correctly, or 2) How it is the case that he understood …

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Debate: Is there good reason to believe that the Christian God exists?

Resolved: There is good reason to believe that the Christian God exists.

Moderator: Brian Knapp

Affirmative: Chris Bolt

Chris Bolt holds a B.A. Philosophy (High Honors) and B.A. Religion from Lynchburg College (Magna Cum Laude) as well as an M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (School of Theology) where he is a Ph.D. candidate in Christian Philosophy. Bolt is the recipient of a number of awards for his work in philosophy and religion and a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. He has participated in debates on the existence of God and on ethics and wrote a chapter of …

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Sola Scriptura, Van Til, and a Reformed Apologetic

As the Reformed Baptist pastor, apologist, and author  Dr. James White says so well, “the people most enslaved by their traditions are those who believe they don’t have any.”

This is simply to say that  we come to the text of Scripture, along with everything else,  with presuppositions about how we should interpret it. We don’t read the Scripture in a vacuum, or in some neutral fashion, because according to Scripture, it’s impossible, as we will see in a quote from Van Til.

So why is the Reformed tradition superior? Well, it certainly isn’t because of the men who subscribe …

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All Hail Cosmic Broccoli!

Let’s talk about ignorance. The sort that makes you drop your jaw and stare. I really couldn’t care less about the opening line; it’s the things that he says are “not in the Bible” that are amazingly bad. If what he says weren’t reposted so often by atheists, it might even be hilarious; akin to Silverman’s infamous “Bear Theism” performance he gave during the closing statement of his debate with James White in August of last year.

The next time believers tell you that ‘separation of church and state’ does not appear in our founding document, tell them to stop

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Commenting on Canon

“Do you mean why should we accept Hebrews rather than the Gospel of Thomas as canonical?

Well, the primary reason is because Hebrews *is* canonical, whereas the Gospel of Thomas is not.

But then I guess you’re asking how we know that.

I would say that it is self-attesting.

See, self-attesting is always objective.

This is strange to me – people usually take that to be subjective.

I’m not talking about a subjective mark, but an objective one.

But it presumes itself authoritative in the same way as other Scripture.

And is qualitatively the same.

I’m not talking about the …

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Is the Qur'an the Word of God? – Debate Transcript

Debate Thesis: Is the Qur’an the Word of God?


[12:07] [BK] ok, the floor is yours, Algo
[12:07] [PL] Very Good.
[12:07] [PL] Welcome Gentlemen.
[12:08] [PL] Let us now begin our formal debate with an intro/bio.
[12:08] [PL] Introducing MusLm :
[12:08] [PL] Name: Yasser Ali
[12:08] [PL] Nick: MusLm
[12:08] [PL] Age: 34
[12:09] [PL] Country: Pakistan
[12:09] [PL] Education: Post-Graduate of Information Technology (Australia)
[12:09] [PL] Occupation / Designation: Da’ee (Da’ee is a Muslim who invites people towards God / Islam)
[12:09] [PL] Faith: Muslim based on Quran (100%) and Hadith (Authentic)
[12:09] [PL] I have …

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Muhammad in the New Testament?

James White and Sam Shamoun discuss whether Muhammad is seen in the New Testament, as many Muslims assert. You can watch here. Also includes a run-down of Dr. White’s recent debate with Sheik Awal.…

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“Silly” Arguments

The attempts of liberals to interpret Scripture according to their own would-be autonomous categories have always struck me as exercises in futility due to the admission that they have already rejected Scripture anyway. The lengths to which people will go in an attempt to justify sin in themselves and in others are rather incredible. One can know this by taking a look at how one attempts to justify one’s own sin. [Edit: Payton Alexander has expressed to me that he does not wish to be labeled a liberal. I cannot find any place where I have given him that label.]…

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User Error and Insufficient Requirements

In a conversation earlier today, the objection was made that God's Word lacked sufficient clarity, since men were always arguing over what it meant. Second, the objection was made that if Scripture was sufficiently clear, we would not need teachers in order to properly understand it. Read more