You Asked: Your Questions. God’s Answers. by Dr. Edgar

Dr. William Edgar of Westminster Theological Seminary has published a new book geared towards teens to answer a lot of common questions they have. I have not read this book yet but I am willing to go out on a limb and say that this book will likely be helpful for parents in answering these questions right along with their teens. Dr. Edgar is the Professor of Apologetics at WTS and edited and footnoted some of Dr. Van Til’s works for their latest editions. Having read those I am confident that this is a book worth looking into.

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Peripatetic 9 – Fristianity Style Counters

Some people think Fristianity is a “Silver Bullet” objection to Covenantal Apologetics. Are they correct?

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My Credo and Rodney King Methodology

“There’s a place for every apologetic method.”

“Can’t we argue about something essential?”

While these remain as popular approaches to some traditional apologists, they run afoul of the very underpinnings of the Covenantal apologetic – which was from the beginning intended as a reform of our theology of apologetics. Van Til, the “father of presuppositionalism”, outlines these issues on pages 18-21 in his essay “My Credo”, found in the work “Jerusalem and Athens,” edited by E.R. Geehan. After reading this outline of the structure of the method, from the method’s “father” – can there be any surprise that the Covenantal …

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Point of Contact 5

Matthias, Joshua and Justin discuss the intrinsic ties between synergism and evidentialism, and the theological foundation of Covenantal apologetics in this edition of Point of Contact.

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Peripatetic 7

When we say that Covenantal Apologetics is Sola Scriptura in an apologetic context, what do we mean by that, and where do we find this in Scripture? Additionally, in summary form, we examine where in these texts we can see the various tenets of CA displayed for us.

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Point of Contact – Relaunched!

Matthias McMahon, Justin McCurry and I discuss the comments of a Sean Holloway in the Association of Evangelical Apologists facebook group.

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Peripatetic 6

A further response to Frank Turk, a discussion concerning a conversation in a FB group, and an update on future podcasting.

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Peripatetic 5

Should Covenantal Apologists put a sock in it when it comes to the abortion debate? A response to Frank Turk’s 2 posts at Pyromaniacs.

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Peripatetic 4

What does it mean to “Push the Antithesis,” and to what does that apply, specifically?

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