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  • Funny Searches

    Apparently one can see which search terms were used to bring people to this site. I do not really know how to see them. I am not a nerd. But I know a few. Anyway, some of the searches that resulted in bringing people to the site yesterday made me chuckle.

    “rosa rubicondior”

    “theists are idiots”

    “Christians are stupid”

    “are christians stupid?”

    I can’t help but smile at the possibility that unbelievers ran these searches in hopes of finding something very different from Choosing Hats. Providential!…

  • Dear Atheists: Please Get Better Objections

    Joe is an atheist who takes issue with my asking another commenter about supporting evidence for his claims. When I asked the other visitor, “what’s your evidence that only evidence matters?” Joe responded, “Sir, you may not be stupid, but this phrase is nonsense. YOU use evidence to support everything.”

    Apparently Joe buys into the idea that only evidence matters, that everyone uses evidence to support everything, and even that every claim must be supported with evidence. But if every claim must be supported by evidence, then the claim, “every claim must be supported with evidence” must also be supported …

  • The Recent Rise of Covenantal Apologetics (1 of 10)

    Years ago (oh how time flies!) I read a series of posts by Mark Dever called, “Where’d All These Calvinists Come From?” You may read the series here. Dever provides observations pertaining to the apparent recent growth of Calvinist(ic) theology amongst younger generations as famously pointed out by Collin Hansen here. Some believe these claims erroneous. Others consider them truthful, good news. Others true, but harmful. Whatever your opinion on the matter, I suspect that the “New Calvinism” just has to be an improvement upon “Ancient Pelagianism.” And who wouldn’t agree that it is better to be “Young, …