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Funny Searches

Apparently one can see which search terms were used to bring people to this site. I do not really know how to see them. I am not a nerd. But I know a few. Anyway, some of the searches that resulted in bringing people to the site yesterday made me chuckle.

“rosa rubicondior”

“theists are idiots”

“Christians are stupid”

“are christians stupid?”

I can’t help but smile at the possibility that unbelievers ran these searches in hopes of finding something very different from Choosing Hats. Providential!







5 responses to “Funny Searches”

  1. defectivebit Avatar

    Today’s search terms so far:
    daniel helminiak: interpreting the bible, the sin of sodom (christian)
    dispensationalism the sum of
    sye ten bruggencate is an idiot
    how dumb would you have to be to be christian?
    exodus 21
    why christians are stupid
    christianity and stupidity
    atheism is true

  2. MII Avatar

    Those search phrases kind of make me nervous. Even as a theist, if I wanted to know the faults of Atheism, I wouldn’t search for “Atheists are stupid”, or “How stupid to have to be in order to be an Atheist?”. I would probably reach into my PERSONAL library and grab any one of my books by Carl Sagan, B.F. Skinner, Daniel Dennet, Christopher Hitchens, Bertrand Russell, William James, Bart Ehrman, Richard Dawkins, Ayn Rand, Sigmund Freud, Richard Leaky, Stephen Jay Gould, Emile Durkheim, etc, etc, etc. I would hope I would refrain from such absurd searches in the hopes of finding something credible. Anyways, yeah… those search phrases are still making me cringe.

  3. Paul Avatar

    At least some of those searches were probably prompted by the recent studies (in some books and journal articles) that ostensibly “show” that religious people, Christians included, are, as an average, located toward the low-end of normal on the IQ spectrum.

  4. MII Avatar

    Paul, I’m not sure that I would agree with that (maybe, I’m not going to completely disagree). Though, I would have to say, I doubt that such journal articles or research findings would prompt such search phrases as “CHRISTIANS are STUPID”. I would tend to think that such research articles would prompt phrases as, “religious people and low IQ” or “research on the religious and ignorance.” Such phrases as “Christian” and “stupid” tend to lean towards a specific emotional bias. For example, such phrases as, “IFBs are Jerks” vs “IFBs and the psychological nature of fundamentalism” are radically different as one presumes a judgment call. So, there is a possibility that in some of the cases, you may be right. However, given the nature of the terms chosen to be searched, I doubt it.

  5. Ben W. Avatar

    Anyone who searches for Rosa Rubicondior on purpose probably has a brain tumor.

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