Praxis Presup: Episode 18 – Brian Knapp and Matt Oxley

Informal debate between our own Brian Knapp and Matt Oxley, of; hosted, of course, by Chris Bolt.

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Brian Knapp of Choosing Hats to appear with atheist Matt Oxley on Praxis Presup this weekend for informal debate

Brian Knapp, Founder and Administrator of Choosing Hats and atheist Matt Oxley of plan to participate in an informal debate consisting of interview, cross-examination, and discussion hosted and moderated by Chris Bolt of the Praxis Presup podcast this weekend. The event will not be live streamed, however the recording of it will be made available on the next episode of Praxis Presup right here on Choosing Hats around the beginning of next week, Lord willing. You won’t want to miss it!…

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Is the Qur'an the Word of God? – Debate Transcript

Debate Thesis: Is the Qur’an the Word of God?


[12:07] [BK] ok, the floor is yours, Algo
[12:07] [PL] Very Good.
[12:07] [PL] Welcome Gentlemen.
[12:08] [PL] Let us now begin our formal debate with an intro/bio.
[12:08] [PL] Introducing MusLm :
[12:08] [PL] Name: Yasser Ali
[12:08] [PL] Nick: MusLm
[12:08] [PL] Age: 34
[12:09] [PL] Country: Pakistan
[12:09] [PL] Education: Post-Graduate of Information Technology (Australia)
[12:09] [PL] Occupation / Designation: Da’ee (Da’ee is a Muslim who invites people towards God / Islam)
[12:09] [PL] Faith: Muslim based on Quran (100%) and Hadith (Authentic)
[12:09] [PL] I have …

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TAG and Islam

Addressing Islam

Please accept my apology in advance for waxing rhetorical for dogmatic and persuasive flavor. I am also paraphrasing Van Til, Bahnsen, and James Anderson from memory as I do not have the time or desire to hunt down all of the exact quotes and respective references. The topic I am addressing often calls credentials into question so I will go ahead and set my own out on the table. Each day I listen to at least an hour and usually more of lectures on presuppositional apologetics in addition to my reading in that area. I have a B.A. …

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Does God Exist? Chris Bolt versus Ben Wallis – Thursday August 19, 2010

Click here to find out how you can listen to my debate with agnostic Ben Wallis on the existence of God this Thursday night August 19, 2010 at 9:00 PM EST if the Lord wills.

Ben is originally from Wheaton, IL and was raised in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. He writes, “A devout believer in my teens and early adulthood, I lost my faith at age 22, and after a brief stint with strong atheism, I am now only a negative atheist, and an agnostic.” He has spent a great deal of time studying philosophy in his spare time especially …

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Why Presuppositional?

The following transcript is an excerpt from “Van Tillian Apologetics, I” by Greg Bahnsen. It can be found for free on iTunes U. The entire series is an excellent resource for those who wish to better understand Presuppositional apologetics as a method.

This particular segment speaks to the reason why the Christian apologist must necessarily reason in a Presuppositional manner:

The apologist must presuppose the truth of God’s word from start to finish in his apologetic witness … When we talk about presupposing or if we talk about a presupposition, what we’re referring to is an elementary assumption in

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Bahnsen and Bare Possibility

Historically, when David Hume and Immanuel Kant exposed the invalidity of the theistic proofs, apologists generally balked at returning to revelation as the basis for their certainty of God’s existence. They elected, rather, to maintain status in the the blinded eyes of the “worldly wise” by attempting to prove Christianity’s credibility by means of arguments that hopefully pointed toward the probability of God’s existence and Scripture’s truth. They settled for a mere presumption (plus pragmatic assurance) in favor of a few salvaged items (i.e., “fundamentals”) from the Christian system. Refusing to presuppose the sovereign God revealed in the Bible

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