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Three Ways Apologetics Will Change in the Near Future

Apologetics change based upon the context in which they are used. In the years to come, apologetics will change in at least three ways:

1. Necessary Apologetics

Apologists will be lobbyists rather than hobbyists. The necessity of defending the Christian faith will be impressed upon Christians in a way it has not been in recent years. Look for apologetic arguments to focus more upon defending Christians from unnecessary persecution by the society and the state and less upon abstract theological particulars or classical theism.

2. Explanatory Apologetics

As biblical illiteracy and anti-intellectual emotionalism continue to permeate the church and loose the bonds of common grace the apologetic task will increasingly consist of mere explanation of the Christian worldview. Theological beliefs which were once widely held or assumed will be called into question and relegated to obscurity, leaving the apologist a blank canvas that needs to be painted before it can be sold.

3. Cultural Apologetics

Christians are moral people. The contrast between the cultural contributions of Christians and the relative lack of non-Christian ones must be exploited for the sake of showing that Christianity is not only true, but good and beautiful as well.

Please note that each of these three “changes” are nothing new to the realm of apologetics. The Church has already been to the places she is going, even apologetically, but these changes may be new to us.

Thankfully, each of them is perfectly consistent with the apologetic methodology set forth through the pages of this website.






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