Jason Petersen

I have a Van Tillian friend that is going to love listening to this. Thanks for sharing.


http://tunesviewer.sourceforge.net/ is great for grabbing the mp3s if one doesn’t like to install itunes.


Thanks monty, have you gotten this to work?


TuneSpace on the Android Market can also access these.

John Bush

So great! Thanks for the link.

Greg - Tiribulus

Aw now this is too bad. I would’ve loved these, but I’m not installing that intrusive bloated Apple software to get em though. I have a netbook with Ubuntu. I hope this Tunesviewer works. I wish they’d post them as simple MP3 files.

Greg - Tiribulus

In Ubuntu on my Netbook. Tunesviewer works jist peechy keen 🙂

Thank you Monty. These look rather tasty indeed.

I wonder if they would care if I reposted them on my server as plain downloads so folks don’t have to go through this to get them.


I contacted someone at WTS about that and they said they will post them in an RSS feed in time.

Greg - Tiribulus

Oh ok. Thanks 🙂

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