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Some Sales on Great Resources



So we happened to notice some resources that we’ve benefited from on sale, and thought we should let you know about them.

First of all, you have  “Christian Apologetics Past and Present: A Primary Source Reader”  Vol 1 and Vol 2  authored By Drs. Oliphint and Edgar for $3.99 each on Kindle. The first Volume covers apologetics from year 1 to 1500, the second volume covers from  Reformation to today. This is a very excellent work and it deals with the two millennia’s worth   of all of the leading apologists.

Another important work is “God With Us: Divine Condescension and the Attributes of God” by Dr. K. Scott Oliphint on kindle for $2.99 . In this work he provides some groundwork on how to understand how God relates to us in time  and yet be wholly independent. Oliphint locates an answer in the incarnate Son of God, where they mystery is revealed. This is an exciting work done, and it demonstrates that the biblical theological discipline goes hand in hand with the systematic theological discipline.

Also an interesting find for kindle is “The Lost Letters of Cornelius Van Til to C.S. Lewis” for $2.99

Finally, Dr. Oliphint’s “Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice” is available from the WTS bookstore for only $8 through July 17th.



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