Apologetics to the Glory of God

Cornelius Van Til The Covenant Apologist

“To bring out the interrelatedness of God’s revelation in Scripture with his revelation

in nature, we speak first of the necessity of natural revelation. It is customary to speak of

the necessity of supernatural revelation because of the fact that there is no revelation of

grace in nature. However, it is equally true that the revelation of grace would operate in a

vacuum if it did not operate in nature as revealing God. The supernatural can never be

recognized for what it is unless the natural is recognized for what it is: both must be

recognized in the light of God’s supernatural revelation. Everything that man does with

respect to nature, he does either as keeping or as breaking the covenant of grace that God

has made with man. Thus the scientist in the laboratory and the philosopher in his study

are both dealing with their materials either as a covenant-keeper or as a covenant-breaker.

All of man’s acts, all of man’s questionings, all of man’s affirmations, indeed all of his

denials in any dimension of his interests, are covenantally conditioned.”

Cornelius Van Til, “The Protestant Doctrine of Scripture” 


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