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We’ve Got Mail: When does rational discourse come to an end?

I was having a discussion with a friend, and he made the statement that using the Bible as one’s ultimate authority was self-referential and therefore invalid (like you’ve never heard this one). 🙂 I responded by explaining to him that his method of determining truth, autonomous reason, was circular and as it appealed to nothing higher than himself, arbitrary. What he said next floored me. He agreed that using his own reason as his ultimate authority was arbitrary. It did not concern him in the least. How do you reason with someone who (arbitrarily) says that their (arbitrary) reasoning is right, and that a Biblical worldview is incorrect? What do you do when presuppositionalism proves, shows, or leads one’s conversation partner to admit that their worldview is arbitrary/inconsistent, and they agree, and further, do not care? Is rational discussion over at that point? Any thoughts?

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  1. Penn Avatar

    You could try what Bahnsen suggests and ask them to “step up to the mic” and declare to everyone that this is the position they hold, it is nothing more than a mere opinion, one which they themselves have no evidence for at all. Let them say it loud and clear that this is their belief – their faith, so to speak.

    Personally, I would probably try doing that and then declare the God-glorifying good news of the gospel of the grace of Christ the King. You know what I mean.

    Praying that God will help you out.
    God bless!

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