Apologetics to the Glory of God

Giving The House Away

Dearest Wormwood,

It has been quite a while since you’ve written me, I have to say it’s always pleasant receiving letters of inquiry about your patient! In fact this time I was quite giddy after reading that you’ve finally accomplished getting him onto the fence! As long as you keep him believing that he’s on The Enemy’s ground when sitting there, it won’t be too much longer before his excitement for the Word of the Enemy is met with questions about whether or not He has really said. As you know, Our Father Below used the same tactics, plunging your patient’s forefathers into our hand! Just in case you have forgotten, his question put the first woman in a similar spot.    Keep pressing your patient to think outside the scope of the Enemy’s  Word, and only to think in terms of his own, or those who speak against Him. I’ve already written to Mezzkrit, Felpup, and Hamawaal to inform them that their patients have been in these kinds of discussions with your patient. They wrote back that their patient had your’s on the ropes with the always handy discussion of differing and conflicting interpretations. That should be your cue! Remember, my dear nephew, that skepticism will be our greatest ally, right next to the love of money!

Best of Wishes,

Uncle Screwtape







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