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Sye TenBruggencate Exposes PZ Myers

Let me begin by saying that I have no idea who PZ Myers is, nor am I going to waste the time to Google his name. One thing I do know about Myers is that he is adored by a large number of Internet atheists, and I can see why. He avoids any meaningful discussion, dodges straightforward questions, and swears at those who dare to ask them. A paradigmatic fundy atheist fit for following if you are an impressionable young atheist on the Internet. “Freethinking” at its best. Behold the Mighty Myers!





5 responses to “Sye TenBruggencate Exposes PZ Myers”

  1. Patrick Mefford Avatar

    What a horrible horrible circus.

  2. JtheJman Avatar

    I always get the same responses. It’s hard to believe that they actually don’t understand the question.

  3. Svyatoslav Avatar

    Thanks for sharing! Pz Myers is an anti-creationist. He bashes on the creation museum and Answers in Genesis.

  4. Ron Avatar

    Here’s Sye doing the same thing with James Randi… just amazing how easy it is to expose these guys.


    1. C.L. Bolt Avatar
      C.L. Bolt

      Yeah but that guy gets points for looking like a LOTR character.

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