Apologetics to the Glory of God

March 25th Debate CANCELED

After a short discussion with my opponent earlier this evening, I’ve decided to unilaterally withdraw from Sunday’s planned debate. If he’d like to claim this as a victory, he can do so at his discretion. As for myself, I value debates for their value to the Body of Christ, and I don’t think this will provide that value, so I’d rather lose than waste valuable time. I don’t think the exchange would be sufficiently valuable, edifying, or provide a teaching opportunity that would outweigh my family and I missing out on our church fellowship meal this Sunday, either. There’s no need to go into further specifics, but after consulting with other contributors to CH, I believe that this is the best overall decision. I will post my opening statement, however, as I do believe that it may be valuable, if nothing new to readers of this site.

Soli Deo Gloria.