Apologetics to the Glory of God

Atheist Triumphalism

In this clip, a Christian apologist named Arthur runs into a fundamentalist atheist on his way to engage with others in sober rational discourse. Arthur politely asks the atheist to join him, but the atheist will have none of it. Instead, the atheist makes sure that all of the attention is given to him, makes some ridiculous demands of the apologist, and proceeds to argue with him. After making the first devastating point, the apologist asks the atheist to step aside, but the atheist denies any harm has befallen him. The apologist is forced to show the atheist what he has lost, but the atheist persists. Time and time again, the apologist pummels the fundamentalist atheist, only to have the atheist proudly proclaim, “I’m invincible!” Enjoy. (Warning: There is some language.)





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