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Leaving Choosing Hats

The other blog contributors and I have been talking for some time about me taking a temporary break from the  site. Under normal circumstances I am able to produce the amount of material that I do here without it cutting into my time for offline activities. However, circumstances have changed.

Recently I have been experiencing some numbness and pain in my chest. After visiting the doctor about the problem this morning and discovering some abnormalities I have decided that now is an ideal time for the aforementioned break. Unfortunately this means that a few items I wanted to address prior to my absence will likely remain unfinished. Until further notice, all of my activities at Choosing Hats will cease, and I will not be responding to email through the site.

I look forward to reading what the other Choosing Hats contributors post while I am away. Please continue to read, pray for, and contact us!


C.L. Bolt






3 responses to “Leaving Choosing Hats”

  1. Paul Baird Avatar

    Get well soon. We may disagree and engage in a bit of banter but you will be missed.

  2. Rosemarie Avatar

    You take care, Chris.

  3. Mitchell LeBlanc Avatar

    Best wishes to you Chris!

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